For me, confidence is something I’m always working on. Good old self doubt LOVES to creep in and try to remind me that I might not be able to do whatever it is I’m trying to achieve.

And that always strikes me as a bit odd, given that things like public speaking don’t bother me at all.

I don’t get nervous before events – catch up on the most recent one here: A magical afternoon at the Bettyquette Pop Up Extravaganza – I love a good microphone situation and I’ll happily chat with you on Insta Stories!

I’ve also fallen into the trap in the past of thinking confidence = LOOK AT ME.

But now I realise that confidence actually means, hey, it’s me!  And most importantly, confidence means being ok with being me.


10 rules confident people live by

If self doubt creeps in for you sometimes to, here’s an awesome list I found on The Happiness Planner website of 10 rules confident people live by.

  1. They know and accept who they are.
  2. They believe in themselves.
  3. They don’t let negative self talk enter their mind.
  4. They challenge themselves.
  5. They have a positive outlook on life.
  6. They’re comfortable in their own skin.
  7. They’re grateful for life’s blessings.
  8. They don’t fear life’s challenges.
  9. They don’t seek outside validation.
  10. They surround themselves with people who believe in them.


10 rules confident people live by


Credit: The Happiness Planner

Living a confident, happy life is definitely a work in progress for most of us.  But I truly believe that everything becomes just that little bit easier when we feel genuinely confident in ourself and our abilities.

Kirsten x



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