If you’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious about what’s going on in the world right now, here’s a list of self care ideas that might be helpful.


15 easy self care ideas you can do at home

  1. Read a book -we’ve all got that book we’ve been meaning to read!
  2. Have a mini decluttering session – an organised home or workspace feels so calm.
  3. Tap a nap – they’re not just for kids!
  4. Watch you favourite movie – it’ll be an instant mood lifter.
  5. Run a bath – add a few drops of your favourite bettyquette body oil for ultimate luxury and hydration.
  6. Go for walk – getting outside is so good for the soul.
  7. Light a candle – it feels so relaxing to have a candle burning.
  8. Buy yourself flowers – because you deserve them.
  9. Go to bed early – don’t forget to apply your Sleep On It before you get into bed. It will help to nourish the skin and soothe the mind.
  10. Call or FaceTime your bestie – belly laughs are guarenteed.
  11. Take a break from social media – it’ll help you focus on what’s really important; you.
  12. Listen to an uplifting podcast – it’ll inspire and motivate you in no time.
  13. Give someone a compliment – sharing the love is a great way to feel good.
  14. Have a picnic outside – your favourite foods and the fresh air is a winning combination.
  15. Make time for yourself – there’s only one you.

It’s a strange old time in the world at the moment. CoronaVirus, self isolation, general worry and anxiety. If you’ve got a self care tip or idea to add, please do so below. Never before has looking after ourselves been more important.

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