I shared the following post on my personal instagram feed, @kirstenandco yesterday. If you’d like to know  5 practical ways to reduce coronavirus overwhelm, please read on.



5 practical ways to reduce COVID-19 anxiety

I don’t know about you, but when the world seems to be a bit out of sync I like to keep calm and get practical.

If you’ve been feeling a bit anxious about the current coronavirus situation, here’s a list of practical things I’ve been doing to eliminate the overwhelm that might help you too.


  1. I’ve hit ‘snooze for 30 days’ on the opinion based Facebook groups I’m in. This is a time for facts only.
  2. I’ve hit ‘mute’ on Instagram acounts that are focusing on telling coronavirus stories. Because they’re just that; stories. Helpful, factual information is what I’m relying on. Not stories that have the potential to cause more distress or worry.
  3. When it comes to needing to know important information about travel, school and symptoms, I’m heading to the following government websites: Smart Traveller for travel updates and the Department of Health for school and symptom updates. I’m also reading emails sent from school. I’m NOT reading opinion based websites or articles. Again, facts are where it’s at.
  4. I’m not stock piling toilet paper but I have stocked up on a few extra pantry items just in case we need to self isolate.
  5. Finally, I’m continuing to live life as normally as possible, whie following the rules and guidelines the experts are providing us with.

I hope that helps in some small way. We really are all in this together and if we all take a sensible, fact based approach to COVID-19, hopefully we’ll be ok.

Kirsten x


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