Bettyquette Blogger Caley Joelle shows us how to say hello to glowing skin this summer with her 5 summer skincare essentials. Enjoy!

Summer is a wonderful time of the year. Thinking about these warmer months puts a smile on my face as I visualize long summer days and beautiful balmy nights, often spent outside lounging by the pool or enjoying a day at the beach with family and friends.

However being outside during this time of year can have harsh effects on our body, in particularly our skin.

Prolonged exposure to the sun can lead to sunburn, uneven pigmentation, and premature signs of aging.

Here are my 5 summer skincare essentials to help protect, replenish and hydrate your skin to keep it looking its best:

1. hat

Wearing a hat protects your eyes, head, neck and face from the sun’s UV rays, which can help prevent wrinkles and sunburn.

2. sunscreen

A high quality SPF 50+ sunscreen helps prevent sunburn and assists in blocking out the harsh effects of the sun.

3. body scrub

Using body scrub achieves a smoother and healthier looking glow by eliminating dry skin.

4. Skin Boss Body Oil

Applying Bettyquette Body Oil daily throughout summer helps soothe and smooth skin.  Lightweight and easily absorbed, a body oil made from natural oils such as ours will provide your skin with the essential hydration it needs during the harsh summer months.

5. Bettyquette Face Oil

Bettyquette Face Oil, like the body oil, soothes and hydrates the skin, often eliminating the need for a moisturiser. Wondering if you should apply your face oil before or after a moisturiser? Find all the answers right here.  Jam-packed with antioxidants and suitable for all skin types, our day and night face oils will leave your skin feeling nourished and hydrated all summer long.

Yes, you can use face oils on oily skin. Let bettyquette show you how

Are any of these key essentials in your summer skincare regime?


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