Unsure about how to use a body oil? Our resident bettyquette Blogger, Caley Joelle, shares her tips on 5 ways to incorporate bettyquette Body Oils into your daily routine.

The much-anticipated launch of bettyquette body oils has finally arrived, and to say I was excited for this release was an understatement.

I’ve found them to be so simple to include into my daily self-care routine, adding a touch of luxury to my day that takes minimal effort. I have been amazed by how hydrated and silky soft to touch my skin has been feeling from using bettyquette body oils.

While I love applying the body oil to my arms and legs – Citrus blend is my current favourite! – I’ve also been using it in other ways too.

Here are my Body Oil tips that you might find helpful too.

5 ways to incorporate Bettyquette Body Oils into your daily routine

1. In the bath

Add 4-5 drops of the body oil into a warm bath. Sit back, relax and be amazed by how hydrated and smooth your skin will feel when you hop out.

2. On dry feet

Before going to bed, apply Skin Boss body oil to the bottom of your feet and cover them with a pair of socks. When you wake up in the morning, your feet feel conditioned, supple and ready for the day ahead.

3. Apply on damp skin

I have found that patting my skin dry after a shower before applying Skin Boss body oils on damp skin quickens the absorption process of the oil. 

4. Apply to scars

By applying body oil to scars, stretch marks and areas on your body with uneven skin tone, the geranium essential oil and jojoba oil may help prevent and reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars.

I’m already noticing a difference and it’s only been a couple of weeks. But I have to add, this takes discipline and the body oil needs to be applied to the affected areas daily.

5. Soothe irritated skin

Apply to areas of your body that have been affected by a rash, acne and eczema. The soothing properties of jojoba oil acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, reducing the irritation of the skin.

suffering from dry hands? A bottle of bettyquette body oil will help

How have you included bettyquette body oils into your daily skin regime?


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