Looking after yourself – or self-care as it’s often called – shouldn’t be complicated or time-consuming.

But what exactly is self-care and why do we need it?

Self-care is the practice of taking time to do activities that nurture your mind, body and/or spirit. That could be anything from reading a book to picking up the phone and having a good old chat with a friend.

Self-care is about intentionally taking the time to look after yourself in a way that is enjoyable and nurturing for you.

We need it so we don’t become physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted. Putting the needs of others before our own is so easy to do. Self-care ensures we remember to put ourselves at the top of the list on a regular basis.

One of my favourite ways to practice self-care is to have a bath:

  • I light a scented candle,
  • fill the tub with warm water,
  • pour in a couple of capfuls of my favourite bubble bath, BathDew from Soak Society.
  • apply blissful night oil, Sleep On It®, to my face – the nourishing oils together with the calming scents of lavender and chamomile are the perfect self-care soother –
  • and soak.

6 super easy ways to practice self-care

There are so many ways you can look after yourself physically, mentally and emotionally.

Here’s a quick list of 6 self-care tips that will help you next time you’re feeling tired, stressed, or in need of some relaxation.

Feeling tired, run down, in need of a break? Kirsten Smith from bettyquette shares 6 super easy ways to practice self care with us. Enjoy.

How do you practice self-care? Care to share your tips with us?


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