Our skin is exposed to harsh elements every day, often leaving it feeling dry and dehydrated.

However, incorporating Skin Boss face oils into your daily skin care routine will leave your skin looking and feeling nourished and replenished.

Yes, you can use face oils on oily skin. Let bettyquette show you how

7 ways to use your bettyquette face oils other than on your face

Your face is not the only area of your body that can benefit from the hydrating properties of Skin Boss. 

We asked our amazing customers where and why they use their Skin Boss products and loved their answers!

  1. For my son’s growing stretch marks, Carys M
  2. On my elbows, Leighanne B
  3. On my hands, Michelle B
  4. It’s great on the neck!, Miss Chardy
  5. Hands, cuticles and decolletage,  Merryn H
  6. I have (very unglamorous) ingrown toenails which are being treated by a podiatrist. I massage Skin Boss oil in around my nails at night to help keep my cuticles and the surrounding skin supple! It makes the toenails less painful! Great product!, Barbara H
  7. Décolletage, cuticles as well as face and neck, Elesha B

Ways to reuse your empty bettyquette bottles

When your Skin Boss bottles are empty – and the incredible effects of Get up and Glow® and Sleep On It® are showing on your face – you would think to throw the bottle out. However not too soon! Here are some clever and practical ways to reuse your empty, cleaned bottles:

  • A mini vase – we removed the label for our mini vase but you might like to leave yours on
  • An incense stick holder – ensure the lit part of the incense stick doesn’t come into contact with the glass or it could crack
  • Remove the label and decorate with washi tape for a fun craft project with the kids
  • Place your bottles in the recycle bin
  • Keep your bottles – you never know, one day they could be collectors items!

Do you use your face oils somewhere other than your face?

Thank you to our Skin Boss Blogger, Caley Joelle for writing this blog post.

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