8 signs you’re addicted to lip balm

Because the lip balm addiction is VERY real and you’re definitely not alone, here are 8 signs you’re addicted to lip balm…

1. You have your favourite brand

2. and you won’t stray from it.

Hint: that brand is Bettyquette 😉

3. You don’t just have one lip balm.

You have your handbag lip balm, your car lip balm, your desk lip balm and your bathroom lip balm.


4. Your life feels completely out of whack if you happen to lose any of the above lip balms.

8 signs you're addicted to lip balm

5. If your favourite lip balm sells out you sign up immediately for re-stock notifications.

Hint: you’ll find that at the bottom of the Betty Balm Moisturising Lip Balm product description 😉

6. You tell all your friends about your latest lip balm purchase. 

and for that, we’re very grateful.

8 signs you're addicted to lip balm

7. You reapply your lip balm every 20 minutes throughout the day.

Because it just makes sense to have smooth lips all day long.


8. You have at least one drawer that looks like this:

8 signs you're addicted to lip balmBetty Balm Moisturising Lip Balm

Need to add to your lip balm addiction?  Discover Betty Balm – your new favourite all natural, super moisturising lip balm, right here.


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