The current bushfire crisis in Australia overwhelming, devastating and heartbreaking all rolled into one.  To date, a staggering 10 million hectares has been lost to the fires, with almost every state and territory in Australia affected.

Lives, homes and wildlife have been lost and entire towns destroyed. It is without a doubt the most catastrophic bushfire season Australia has ever seen.

Australia Bushfire Relief – a list of how you can help

While the bushfires have been raging since September 2019, the events that unfolded in the past fortnight have seen Australia, and the world, unite. Donations have flooded in and millions of donations have been raised.

Here at Bettyquette, we donated 100% from every sale from Sunday 5 Jan – Monday 6 Jan to Australian Red Cross.

A total of $1,320 was donated. If you placed an order with us during that time, thank you. You really are some kind of wonderful.

If you’d like to know other ways you can donate and/or help, here are a few links for you:

  1.  Give Now has put together a comprehensive list covering everything from relief funds to climate change causes. You can find the list here: How you can help: Donate to 2020 Australian Bushfire relief efforts
  2. has everything from charity to influencer donations covered. You’ll find the list here: National bushfire relief donations pass 100 million
  3. Accomodation, families and wildlife are covered in this list by 7 News: bushfire donations – here’s how you can help australian victims
  4. Social Media, specifically Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, is flooded with links to various ways we can help. Every account has a profile and you’ll most likely find a link there to the charity or organisation the person or business is supporting. Insta Stories are a great place to discover ways smaller businesses and indiviuals are helping. The following hashtags are also helpful when it comes to finding information: #australianbushfires #bushfireaustralia
  5. Sadly there are always scams that emerge during a crisis. If you’d like to know how to protect yourself from bushfire appeal scammers, this article from ABC News is helpful: scammers targeting australians for bushfire funds


If you know of any other businesses, organisations and/or individiuals who are helping with bushfire relief appeals, please leave a link or information below. Because we really are all in this together.

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