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how do you pronounce the word bettyquette?

Wondering how to say our new name, bettyquette? This post explains exactly that and gives you an insight into how and why we created the name. Enjoy! How do you prounounce the word bettyquette? Before we get to the answer, let's have a quick chat about how and why we...

You CAN use a face oil on oily skin. Yes, really!

If you have oily skin and the thought of applying a face oil to your gorgeous face freaks you out, don't worry! You're not alone. It's a very common fear, but one that we definitely can help you with.   Yes, you can use a face oil on oily skin. Here's how (and...

16 clever ways to reuse a drawstring bag

When we were planning the packaging for our products, we made the deliberate decision to keep packaging to a minimum. As a result, both our face oils and our body oils are packaged in re-useable drawstring bags.   If you're looking for some creative ways to...

12 essential items to take in your carry on bag

If you're heading overseas anytime soon, you might be wondering how to make that long haul flight as comfortable as possible. Your carry on bag and what you pack in it is definitely the key to comfort success. Well that and a bed at the pointy end of the plane. For...


What began as a face oil created by husband and wife team Kirsten and Scott Smith to help with Kirsten’s own skin concerns is now bettyquette® (formerly Skin Boss). A luxe range of natural skincare products which help thousands throughout Australia and New Zealand with their own skin care needs.



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