July is our birthday month and this year, we were celebrating one year in business!

A lot of people, from business advisors to complete strangers, like to call a business like ours a start up. They also like to focus on all sorts of  scary facts about start ups.

How many of them fail in the first year is the most popular statistic people like to rattle off.

I don’t know what that number is, because I usually tune out at the words start up.

Because we’re not a start up. We’re a community.

A community of amazing, gorgeous women – and increasingly, men – who happen to love our natural face oils and body oils as much as we do.

So when our first birthday was approaching, we knew we wanted to celebrate that with you.

We wanted to thank you for supporting us from day one. Here’s how we did just that.

How we celebrated one year in business

1. I had a crazy idea

Well actually I had three of those – this is the first one.

Because I was just a bit excited to be celebrating our first birthday, I decided to lock in a photo shoot so we would have some fun images to share on Instagram, Facebook and in our newsletter.

So I

and headed to the main street of Cleveland, Brisbane to get some photos taken.

I was thrilled with every image Kate took, the balloons looked amazing and in one short hour, some exciting content for social media had been created.

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2. We had an epic birthday sale

We decided the best way to say thank you was to have a sale.

And because it was our first birthday, we made sure it was our best sale yet.


Are you celebrating one year in business and looking for some one year business anniversary ideas? Read this post for helpful marketing ideas and tips


3. We sent out surprises

Now I’d had this crazy idea planned for quite some time.

You see in my previous life as a blogger/influencer at Kirsten and co. I would often receive items from PR companies or brands. I still do on occasion and I always think how awesome it would be if brands sent their items to non-bloggers too.

You know, their customers.

So that’s what we did.

We sent out a thank you gift to every person who placed an order with us on our launch day last year.

That was so much fun to organise and the response we received in return was amazing.

I was overwhelmed by the beautiful thank you messages we received. I mean, here we were trying to quietly thank YOU for your incredible support only to be inundated with your incredible thank you emails, comments, messages and insta stories.

And that, right there, is why we absolutely call ourselves a community.

Yes, we are a business, but we’re not a start up.

We’re a community of like minded people, who appreciate natural skin care products that actually work.

Thank you for being here and for your amazing support since we launched last year. We couldn’t think of a better group of people to celebrate our first birthday with.

Here’s to many more years of gorgeous, glowing skin!


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