Welcome to bettyquette® Home of honest, natural beauty.

You might already know us by our previous name of Skin Boss. Or maybe you’ve never heard of us at all. Either way, here’s the story behind our name change and the name itself.


It’s a long, stressful story and one which I have absolutely no problem telling you. Because something we pride ourselves on is completely and utter transparency in everything we do.

When we launched in July 2017 we had no idea you would love our products as much as you do. There were – and still are – times when we struggled to keep up with your orders. But we worked hard to deliver everything as quickly as we could.

Several months after we launched we found ourselves having a little time to relax and it was then I stumbled across a few things that concerned me. Our product names, Get Up And Glow® and Sleep On It® were being used in everything from blog posts to marketing material that wasn’t ours.

It was a frustrating time, knowing the hundreds of hours I’d spent perfecting our branding was being replicated by others. When it comes to our branding in particular, there’s a reason for everything. Right down to the placement of the stickers on our boxes.

They’re not just randomly slapped on. They’re placed in the bottom left corner for a number of well thought out reasons.

Reasons I’ll let you in on when our new boxes are here. Yes, we’re upgrading to custom printed boxes and just quietly, you’re going to LOVE THEM.

But back to our name change.

Trademarking our products and business

When a lovely customer messaged me to let me now she’d seen the words Get Up And Glow® used somewhere else, I knew it was time to take action.

We lodged a trademark application for both our face oil names and 7 long months later, they were approved. Hooray!

Except the celebration was short lived.

When we began the process of starting our business we completed what we thought was all of the correct checks. We registered the business name, secured the domain name and the social media handles, organised the ABN, opened a bank account, all of the business related things.

It NEVER crossed our mind to trademark anything. Because truly, we didn’t think we needed to.

Turns out we did need to. Because when we lodged the applications for our product names we discovered there could be a slight issue with our company name.

So we sought the advice of an Intellectual Property Lawyer. It was agreed that the best way forward, particularly if we want to continue on our path of growth and expansion – hello Mecca and Sephora, we’re absolutely looking at you – was to change our name.

Cue tears from me – in the car on the way home, not in the fancy pants lawyer’s office – and encouragement from Scott – “It’ll be ok. We’ll get through this. Our products aren’t changing. It’s just a name change. Look at Meghan Markle. She’s had to change her name and everyone still knows who she is. If The Queen can come up with new names that everyone loves, I’m fairly sure we can too. It’ll be just like that, I promise.”

Yep, it’s been JUST like that.

But without the long standing tradition, the diamond tiaras and the epic PR budget. 

Now that you know the reasons why we changed our business name from Skin Boss to bettyquette, here are the answers to some of the questions we’ve been asked since re-launching.

how do i pronounce the new name?

Bettyquette® is betty and etiquette blended together to create a brand new word. It’s prounounced bettykit.

is there some sort of special meaning behind the name?

There sure is. You can read the story behind our new name in our about page.

What’s happening with your products? Are they changing too?

Absolutely not. We created the products and the blends are ours. Nothing about our actual products is changing.

The labels will be the same, although our new company name will replace the current company name.

The product names for our day and night face oils are staying the same. We own the trademark to Get Up And Glow® and Sleep On It® 


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If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask. We love a chat and are always more than happy to help with anything you need to know. 



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