I’ve always said that Bettyquette is more than a beauty brand, it’s a community.

And now, more than ever, I think we’re all craving community and connection over anything else.

This is definitely a strange time for all of us. Corona Virus is forcing us to stay at home and I’ve been doing some thinking about how I can help you with this.

Introducing Bettyquette At Home

I’m going to start delivering helpful at home content, with the hashtag #bettquetteathome

Full details are in the IGTV below but I’m thinking at home beauty tips, easy to make recipes and affordable fashion that makes you feel good.

Helpful tip: Follow Bettyquette on Instagram and/or Facebook to keep up to date with all the #bettyquetteathome action!



Join in with the #bettyquetteathome hashtag

Want to join in? Use the hashtag #bettyquetteathome on your feed and/or stories. Don’t forget to tag us @bettyquette so we can share your #bettyquetteathome fun.

I’ll be sharing a lot of tips and tricks on stories and have saved them for you on the AT HOME profile highlight.

I’m also going to try and incorporate other Australian owned and operated businesses where I can. It’s a tough time for everyone at the moment, but I truly believe we’re all in this together. And together we can make a difference.

So get ready to have some stay at home fun. Because I’m about to bring it to you!

Kirsten x


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