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Say hello to the perfect white tee!

Kirsten White Tee

The Perfect White Tee

When Ali from Philosophy Australia  asked me if I’d like to design a piece for her Sprinkling Kindness project, I jumped at the chance.

I knew exactly what I wanted to design – the perfect white tee.

I’ve struggled over the years to find a white tee that meets all of my curvy shape requirements. I know you’ve struggled with this too as the most popular question I’m asked on my personal instagram account, Kirsten and co, is “Where can I find a good white tee that actually suits me?”

So to have the opportunity to actually design a white tee that fits AND flatters those of us with a curvy/hourglass shape was a dream come true!

the perfect white tee

The Kirsten Tee Brief

I had four key requirements when it came to designing the perfect white tee:

  1. A v neck – the most flattering necklines for those of us with a bigger bust.
  2. A fitted yet comfortable fit – not skin tight, but not oversized. Just like Goldilocks, it needed to be just right.
  3. High quality, breathable cotton – because hot flushes are totally a thing!
  4. Australian made – to ensure it will last the distance.

I also wanted an arm length that gave decent coverage and fabric that wasn’t see through.

It also needed to be a tee that could be worn comfortably on its own and work perfectly under a blazer or jacket.  Like all good wardrobe pieces, it needed to be versatile – dress it up with a jacket and heels or keep it casual with jeans and sneakers.

I’m beyond excited to be able to say that by working in collaboration with Ali, we’ve been able to meet all of those requirements for you.

the kirsten tee

Sprinkling Kindness and Giving Back

Giving back plays an important role in the Philosophy Australia Sprinkling Kindess project.

As many of you would know, 2020 has been a challenging year for our family health wise. Scoliosis surgery for our daughter, Sophie in April followed by emergency surgery for myself in August to remove my appendix. A long list of serious post-surgery complications resulted in a very long 8 nights in hospital.

In amongst all of that, Scott’s mum has been battling breast cancer.

It’s been a trying time, to say the least, however we’ve all managed to get through it.

When Ali suggested we sprinkle some kindess to a charity organisation, the McGrath Foundation was my first choice.

Not only to honour Scott’s mum and her battle, but to also acknowledge the incredible love and support Scott, our cricket obsessed husband, dad and son, has given myself, Sophie and Gay over the last 6 months.

$10 from every Kirsten Tee will be donated to the McGrath Foundation.

the kirsten tee

Huge thanks to Ali from Philosopy for making my tshirt dreams come true! It has been an honour to work with Ali and I’m thrilled to be able to bring you, our lovely customers, the perfect white tee.

Kirsten x

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