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If you haven’t used Skin Boss face oils before, you might be wondering,

“Should I use face oil before or after moisturiser?”

The short answer is before.

The long answer is, well, long. Here goes.

As a general rule, skin care products should be applied from lightest to heaviest consistency.

Oils have a small molecular structure that easily penetrates the skin.

This means they’re fast absorbing and love to sink into the skin, rather than sitting on the surface.

Our face oils contain nothing but natural plant based oils. There are no fillers, no preservatives, no parabens, no SLS, no nasties in any of our products. This means they’re lightweight, hydrating and nourishing.

Face oils also form a protective barrier and should be applied before thicker creams, moisturisers and/or sunscreens. Lighter ingredients won’t be able to sink in once you layer on oil.

Apply your face oil first – before your moisturiser – and it will absorb quickly and deeply, leaving a smooth and non greasy finish.

Detailed instructions and product information can be found on both the GET UP AND GLOW® (day oil) and SLEEP ON IT® (night oil) product pages – find them here – but here is the best way to apply your new favourite face oil:

  1. Apply 3-4 drops into the palm of your hand. Rub hands together to warm oil slightly.
  2. Gently apply the oil onto your freshly cleansed face and neck preferably before any other product is used, remembering the lightest to heaviest consistency rule. If you use a serum or any other product that is lighter than our face oil blend, apply it first.
  3. Continue with your usual skincare and makeup routine and you’re good to glow and/or sleep on it!

should I use a face oil before or after moisturiser?

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Do I need to use a moisturiser?

That’s up to you and what you think your skin needs.

My skin feels hydrated and nourished when I apply roughly 1/2 a dropper of Skin Boss to my face and neck. So I don’t use a moisturiser anymore – just Skin Boss face oils and a quick swipe of eye cream every morning and night.

Oh and sunscreen during the day, of course!

In summary –

Face oil before moisturiser. Too easy!

Do you use a moisturiser with your face oil?

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