When we launched  in July 2017 we had two products:

  1. Get Up And Glow®, our hydrating day face oil and
  2. Sleep On It®, our nourishing night oil.

At the time we thought they would be our only two products.

But within a few weeks of our launch orders being sent out, the requests for a body oil starting rolling in!

We said yes and in December 2017 our three body oil blends – Citrus, Coconut and Original – hit the Skin Boss online shelves.

Our Face Oils have a fresh, new look!

The five products looked great together but we decided to change the face oil labels for a more cohesive look.

We also took on board your feedback regarding the original glass bottles and on January 23rd 2018 our fresh new face oil bottles were in stock.

Yes, you can use face oils on oily skin. Let bettyquette show you how

Here’s what’s different about the new and improved look:

1. They won’t break as easily as glass bottles

This will prevent the amount of breakages occurring if

  • you accidentally drop your bottle on the bathroom floor
  • they’re flung around a bit by the delivery staff while making their way to you and/or
  • you’re packing them in your luggage to take on holiday with you

2. The Face Oil labels have been refreshed

We re-designed the labels for both Get Up And Glow® and Sleep On It® so they were in keeping with the new Body Oil labels.

All of the information that was on the original labels is still there. It’s just been moved around slightly.

3. The new bottles are a slightly different shape

They’re a slightly different shape and they also look slightly smaller than the original glass bottles. That’s because glass is thicker than plastic, thus creating a larger looking bottle.

Rest assured, the new and improved Skin Boss bottle is still a 30ml bottle and 30mls of face oil goodness is exactly what you will receive.

4. The new bottles are BPA free and Australian made

We’ve worked hard to source high quality BPA free bottles that are recyclable and Australian made.

Additionally, the face oil bottle supplier we work with is carbon neutral – a first in the industry here in Australia.

As a new business we’re constantly growing and evolving. Change is inevetible, particularly in our first year.

We hope you love the new look we’ve given our face oil bottles as much as we loved creating it for you.

Have you tried our face oils yet? Which one is your favourite?


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