Suffering from dry hands? These tips will help!

The dry skin struggle is real now that the cooler months are here. Dry hands in particular can be a real issue.

What causes dry hands?

Dry hands are usually caused by environmental conditions. The weather, for example, is notorious for causing dry hands.

Frequent handwashing, exposure to chemicals, and certain medical conditions can also play havoc with the skin on your hands.

That said, there are several ways to keep your thirsty skin hydrated, no matter the cause. Learn more about remedies for dryness, ways to prevent it, and what’s causing it in the first place.


How do you get rid of dry hands?

Here’s how we solve the dry hand issue at our place:

Yep, we have a bottle (or two!) of body oil on our kitchen bench.

Citrus is my blend of choice for the kitchen.

The zesty blend of lime, lemongrass, geranium and bergamot makes all those kitchen related tasks slightly more enjoyable, while the luxe blend of natural oils work hard to hydrate and nourish my hands.

A couple of pumps throughout the day, especially after doing the dishes (body oil LOVES damp skin – it skins in beautifully) is doing the trick to keep pesky dry skin at bay.

5 easy ways to prevent dry hands

To combat dry hands this autumn/winter, give some of the following remedies a go:

1. Moisturise – or Oilise as we prefer to call it!

Keep those hands soft and supple by applying body oil to them regularly throughout the day.

2. Wear Gloves

If your hands are frequently immersed in water – washing the dishes is the main culprit here – consider wearing a pair of gloves.

Gloves will help prevent the water from stripping your skin of its natural oils.

Refusing to do the dishes also works 😉

3. Avoid hand sanitizers

If you’re prone to dry, craacked hands, step away from the hand sanitizer. They’re usually quite high in alcohol content, which isn’t helpful when it comes to solving the dry skin problem. Go for a gentle cleansing soap instead.

4. Exfoliate

Using a gentle scrub on your hands once a week will remove dead skin cells that lay on the outermost layer of skin. This clever trick will then allow your body oil to  absorb into your skin more efficiently.

Do you have a dry skin tip you’d like to share? Which body oil is your favourite? Let’s discuss!


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